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News:   Our last Market (Central Durham Farmers Market) was October 13, 2018.  Look for us back there in March, 2019.  And feel free to  us to contact us anytime about our products!

NewSoil, Durham NC’s vermiculture resource, harvests the power of worms to make a rich, loamy compost for what plants grow in best.  We also sell worms (“red wigglers”), worm tea, worm tea bags and handcrafted composting equipment for the urban / suburban / rural vermiculturist.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to NewSoil!”

  1. Nice to meet you at the Farmer’s Market. I would like to come out at visit and talk about BioChar.

  2. RE: Invitation for the Annual Gardener’s Advice Fair
    Garry & Bill –
    The Durham Garden Forum along with the Sarah P. Duke Gardens and the Durham County Extension is once again sponsoring an annual Gardener’s Advice Fair on July 25, 2017 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the beautiful Doris Duke Center. Will you join us again? 

    You may recall from your previous participation that the Fair provides a venue where you have the opportunity to sell products and/or raise awareness about your organization, and the public has the opportunity to learn about local gardening resources and ask questions.  You set up a booth with your exhibit and interact with the public by answering questions about gardening and your available products and services. There is no entry fee for you and admission for the public is free.

    Also this year, in order to increase attendance at the fair, the Advisory Committee has made the following changes:
    – Planning is starting earlier.
    – Craig LeHoullier, aka the NC “Tomato Man”, has already agreed to join us!
    – There will be a few short break-out sessions and children’s activities.
    – Advertising will be broadened.

    We hope you will join us again this year. I’ll telephone you on Thursday to find out if you can make it. Or please feel free to telephone me.

  3. Hey Gary,I met you at the farmers market in Durham back in early May.I bought some worms from you and started my system.Recently I got some coconut coir (chopped very fine) and added some to my beds.I have a plastic worm bin setup.I noticed a slight sour smell in my bins.Can you tell me what usually causes that smell and what do I do to correct it

  4. Hey Billy, sorry for the very late reply, but just for your info: with all that coconut coir (which is nitrogen rich) you don’t have enough brown matter (or carbon rich), so you get the sour smell, just as if you had too much kitchen compost, and not enough aged leaf mulch or shredded paper (ie, carbon rich). You should have a 50/50 mix of carbon rich to nitrogen rich material in your worm bin (actually 60/40 is better).

    1. Hey Gary,thanks for the response to my inquiry.I discovered I was feeding my worms to much and the material was souring before the worms could process it.I have researched coconut coir and the info I found (gardening know how) indicated coconut coir is very much like peat moss,in that, it has very little plant nutrition on any kind but works great as a soil builder and water retention material

  5. Our season is done at the Durham Farmers Market. We’ll look forward to being back in April, 2018. Don’t hesitate to contact us about buying any of our products anytime!

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