• Is it May already?! My how time flies! We have Red Wigglers in stock as well as compost, worm castings and worm tea. Check out our online store for more details!
  • Our phone system is now working! Thank you for your patience. Feel free to call (919) 231-5141 or email us at info@newsoil.org with any questions about our products.


NewSoil Vermiculture, LLC is Durham, North Carolina’s vermiculture resource!  We sell Red Wiggler worms, worm castings, worm tea, tea bags, and handcrafted composting equipment for residential and commercial projects throughout the country.  At NewSoil, we harvest the power of worms to make a rich, loamy compost for what plants grow in best.

Visit our  online store where you can find all of our worm products for purchase, arrange for delivery, or schedule to pickup at your convenience. We ship USPS Priority Mail nation-wide!


Feel free to give us a call, send a text, or email us anytime about our products.

Phone: (919) 231-5141

Email: info@newsoil.org


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