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Please don’t count on contacting us quickly by comments on this site. We are currently revamping our website, Faceboook page and our Twitter account.

Our Sales Venue at the Durham Farmers’ Market on Saturdays April through September

NewSoil Vermiculture LLC
314 Latta Road
Durham, NC  27712
(919) 237-2219
(202) 374-0403 (c) Garry Lipscomb

Welcome to NewSoil!

9 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello — will you all have compost available to purchase this winter? I’ll be wanting to prepare my vegetable patch for spring.


    1. We sold out of vermicompost in August and plan to harvest in March 2016. So give us a call then Michelle. Or check this site for our first appearance at Durham Farmers’ Market.

  2. My wife and I have been using New Soil’s vermicompost for the past few years and have found it to be much better than commercially available products. Whether we added their product directly to our plants every 3-4 weeks or made worm tea from it, the results were quite impressive. Their product seems to break down much easier and seems more bioavailable than commercial product and the differences can be seen within a few days – few weeks. And the product kept the plants much more healthy.

    However, the most impressive results were with a rare pepper plant (C. annuum) that I grew last year – chilhuacle rojo. This pepper is difficult to grow because it is a heavy feeder and is highly susceptible to mold. I did a head-to-head comparison with this variety being grown in containers with soil-less mix with fish-kelp emulsion with no New Soil vermicompost versus containers with soil-less mix with fish-kelp emulsion with New Soil vermicompost. All during the summer season, the pepper plant with vermicompost had much healthier leaves (dark green colored and very little leaf loss) versus the other comparator group. Most impressive was the data collected. I harvested three times the number of peppers with much less mold from the plants grown with vermicompost versus the other comparator group.

    Photos of plants available upon request.

  3. loved talking to you at the market. can you let me know if you’ll have worms next week? hoping to purchase 1/2 lb. thanks!

  4. Hey Gary I got some worms from you in the spring and talked to you in August.You mentioned raising worms for the soil and raising worms for more worms.What would you differently to raise them for soil compared to using the plastic worm bins.

    1. Hey Billy, Bill Corey here, Garry’s partner. Thx for the comment. I would give him a call (see contact page). But offhand, worms in the soil would need organic matter … both carbon and nitrogen rich … in order to survive.
      They would starve or migrate in just dirt. Also, frost, extreme heat, and drought are things to worry about regarding the worms’ survival in soil over time. It’s best to create an ideal situation for worms’ production of vermicompost in bins and add vermicompost to your soil, than to rely on worms to create vermicompost in the soil … I THINK!

  5. Rhonda Sherman gave me your web address, I’m in Charlotte and been doing vermicomposting on a small scale for 20 some years. Raise Africans, Euro and Red worms (natives) would love to visit at some poing

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