NewSoil’s Story


2011: Durham native Garry Lipscomb bought 3 pounds of worms and a “worm castle,” and began growing his own vermicompost in his two-car garage. As he grew and learned more about the science of vermiculture, he began attending and presenting at NC State University’s Vermiculture Conference, an event held annually for over 20 years.

2013: Garry moved his budding vermiculture enterprise to a three-acre parcel in Durham County, where he and his partner formed NewSoil Vermiculture, LLC.

2017: NewSoil became the only permitted worm composting facility operating in the State of North Carolina, completing a 3-year long application process with the Solid Waste Division of the Department of Environmental Quality.

2019: NewSoil teams up with new business partners and organic farmers in north Durham to expand the operation. After starting with just 3 pounds of Red Wigglers, NewSoil has grown the farm into millions of worms, created linkages with NC farm families, and instilled practices that help NC residents live more sustainably!

NewSoil continues to expand its knowledge base. As chance would have it, NewSoil is located in the center of one of the most dynamic regions of agricultural innovation in the country; with its abundance of universities, hospitals and research facilities, North Carolina will continue to play a role in advancing green technology and recycling.

NewSoil continues to invest in equitable partnerships. Working with individuals and institutions alike, NewSoil is dedicated to investing in North Carolina communities so that everyone wins in the improvement of our soil and reduced reliance on waste landfills!



Vermiculture workshop with Garry Libscomb
Vermiculture workshop with Garry Libscomb