Custom-built Residential Wood Flow-through Worm Bins




NewSoil is proud to showcase it’s new residential scale flow-through bins for serious home composting. These are made-to-order sturdy worm bins that are built to last and sized for basements, garages, and other storage locations in the mid-size home. These can be used as breeding bins, large-scale home food waste processing, and can hold anywhere from 12-16 pounds of worms. They offer the advantage of few moving parts; worms never need to be relocated; castings are harvested from the bottom using a scraper and fall directly into a shallow pan for use. Never run out of castings for your garden again!

We offer flow-through features and other options like:

  • Gusset framing supports
  • Choice of chip board or plywood wall finish
  • Custom width and height dimensions to suit your needs (standard model shown is 2.5ft deep and 3 (h) x 2(w) x 6(l) feet
  • Custom interior depth dimensions
  • Choice of interior bottom finishes – e.g., lattice, slotted rods, expanded metal grate, or solid wood bottom
  • Optional hand winches on both sides to easily drop finished castings from the bottom
  • Screened or aerated solid hinged lids
  • Pre-assembly or assembled on site

Prices starts at $650 for the base model as shown 2 x 2 x 6ft, chip board walls. LOCAL PICK UP OR LIMITED DELIVERY!!

Give us a call today and we can discuss your needs.