OurCompost™ All Natural Compost


Available for pickup or USPS Priority 2-5day delivery.  NewSoil can also deliver bulk quantities locally for a delivery fee. Call us to schedule delivery or if you have any questions.



NewSoil is pleased to now offer all-natural thermophilic (heat-loving) compost – that is compost processed by heat-loving bacteria. We process our organic farm vegetables and blend it with composted horse manure for 3-6 months at temperatures between 130-150 degrees. We then sift the material to form a rich, crumbly mixture. When incorporated into your soil, our All Natural Compost improves your soil’s structure and quality by improving moisture retention, and adding crumbly texture, beneficial organisms, and essential nutrients. Try our All Natural Compost instead of chemical fertilizers for proven long-term benefits to your plants and soil.



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Weight 400 oz