Red Wiggler Worms – 1 lb.


Shhhhhh, our worms are resting and focusing on family time right now. No seriously, we are currently growing next year’s supply of worms. So, feel free to purchase any of our other products in the meantime and be sure to come back in March to get your worms for the growing season. (FYI, next year we will offer worms year round AND restart the worm workshops in the new barn AND be at the Durham Farmers Market AND MUCH MORE! Take care and thanks for looking.   –  Garry and Corre

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OurWorms are “red wigglers” (Eisenia foetida or Eisenia andrei) and are sold in 1 lb., 1/2 lb., or 1/4 lb. increments.

For special orders, larger packages of worms can be arranged.

The worms are packed in an appropriate growing medium (i.e. castings, peat, coconut coir) in breathable containers.